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​We are English Labrador Retriever Breeders in Northern Minnesota (Mn.) We specifically breed our English Labradors to produce pups that will be family companions, but many of our pups have gone on to be personal gun dogs, show dogs, service and therapy dogs. We believe there are only three AKC recognized colors of the Labrador, yellow, chocolate and black. Beloved Labs breeds primarily yellow ranging in shades from virtually white to red, we breed black and chocolate once or twice a year. We are driving distance from the Twin Cities, Duluth, Grand Forks, Fargo, Grand Rapids, Manitoba and Ontario in Canada. We have puppies living everywhere from North Dakota and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, to each end of the United States and Canada too!

Beloved Labs….Where we Provide Soulmates of the Labrador Kind.

We are Kevin and Kristan Olson, we are located in Northern Mn., just a few minutes from the majestic Lake of the Woods.  We are a stones throw away from Manitoba and Ontario, Canada.  We keep a small kennel that is devoted to breeding English Labrador Retrievers with heavy English attributes.  We are Inspected by the AKC and inspected and licensed through the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.  We take great pride in our Labs themselves, our breeding program as well as our facility.  The English Labrador disposition is charming and calm but make no mistake, they also have a very obedient and balanced drive in the field.  Kevin’s finest hunting dog is our English labBoaz who has earned his SH title   The first priority in our Labrador breeding program is the health and temperament of our English Labradors.  We don’t try to “better” the Labrador breed here because we believe it’s already at a standard that can’t be improved, we do however; breed to keep that standard.  Providing Labs with awesome bloodlines is very important to us, but we know if your Lab puppy isn’t healthy his pedigree means nothing so we health test and strive for ultimate health.  Our labs are individuals and as such they display a character and personality all their own; however that being said we breed them to have low key temperaments and obedience in mind. Our labs are bred for companion dogs but make excellent gundog’s, service and therapy dogs.  They are good looking Labrador Retrievers with competitive potential in both the show ring and the field.  We will never breed a dog that doesn’t meet our standard of excellence. Our Labrador’s are genetically sound, you can see in our lines that our Labs carry the heavy bone structure, blocky heads and beautiful coats that the English Labrador is known for.  Overall, our English labs carry prominent bloodlines that provide a beautiful balance of a calm pet companion with the potential to be outstanding personal gun dog and very often become service and therapy dogs. If you aren’t familiar with the differences between the American/field lab and the English/show lab we would love to have that conversation with you, as there are many.  At the end of the day, a Labrador is a Labrador but the English lab’s disposition is extremely agreeable, laid back, gentle and pleasant.  We believe the English Labs attributes along with the time, love and research we put into our breeding program shows up in all of our puppies.  To see photos of our past Labrador pups please continue your visit on our webpage, We have posted photos throughout. To get a feel for daily life here at Beloved Labs LLC, please click on the slideshow tab.  According to the American Kennel Club, The lab is America’s number one pet, but no one has to tell us that!  We encourage communication through phone calls, emails and text messaging. It’s important to both Kevin and I that you have a  good feeling about us, the way we run Beloved Labs, and our breeding program as a whole. We know how important it is to feel at peace about your puppy’s first 8 weeks in this world. One of the best parts of owning and growing a reputable breeding program is the wonderful people we meet and the friends we make!  Thank you for taking the time to check us out, I hope through our words and pictures on this website you will get to know us a little bit.  

Take a glimpse of some of our past puppies!

Labrador Kennel in Northern Minnesota

We find great value in maintaining a small breeding program up here in Northern Minnesota because it allows our Labs to behave like dogs.   We believe even AKC Labs with champion bloodlines and superb health and temperaments should have the opportunity to run, swim, retrieve and be loved. Our English Labradors are way more than “breeding dogs”,in fact that’s a very small part of their life, they are our family and we treat them that way, something we couldn’t do if we had more than we could handle ourselves.  Our Labs spend as much time as possible in the yard, we have acres and acres for them to run and play on.  They have a dog run if we need to use it, but we rarely do.  Socializing our puppies comes quite easy to us here at Beloved Labs, being that we have  been blessed with a brood of grandchildren who love on and rough house with our puppies. They treat our pups and dogs like they are their own.  So, remaining a smaller kennel awards our Labs the opportunity to run freely in our large yard and fields, to swim in the ponds, to ride along in the Ranger or along side the 4-wheeler, nap on the deck and get into doggy mischief…and we wouldn’t want it any other way.   We hope as you visit our website you will get a feeling for who we are, sensing our true nature and our honesty.  We want to make sure both our adult labs and our lab puppies have the kind of love only a Labrador owner can give, that’s why it’s important to us to only keep as many Labs as we can properly care for ourselves. 

Here at Beloved Labs, our females whelp their pups in our home.  They come inside at 6 weeks pregnant and stay until their pups are about 5-6 weeks old.  We remodeled our attached garage and made it a nurshrey for the puppies and their mommas.  We don’t put the puppies in the Kennel building.  We take an honest pride in our Labrador adults as well as our Lab puppies and we put as much love into the puppies we sell as we do the pups we keep.  Like I said above, we socialize our pups the old fashion way….Grandchildren!  All of our pups are squeezed, cuddled, rough housed with and just plain old loved on.  We believe the socialization Lab puppies receive during their first 12 weeks has just as much of an impact on the puppy’s temperament as genetics, and that’s why we handle them and love them the way you would.  We are sure this genuine, loving, hands on approach is why the puppy you go home with begins to fall in love with you the moment he is in your arms.  So please, be assured our Lab puppies will be happy and well-adjusted when they leave us to be with you.  

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 We are driving distance from the Twin Cities, Duluth, Fargo, Grand Rapids, Manitoba and Ontario in Canada. We have puppies living every where from North Dakota and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa to each end of the United States and Canada too.!

LIcensed through the Minnesota Board of Health