Available older Puppies ( Reduced )

From time to time we have a few older puppies for sale at a reduced price. Maybe they were reserved to a family who suddenly weren’t able to take them but more often than not, we believe God has just been keeping a particular pup back for a certain family and we know God’s timing isn’t always ours. Maybe you are that family. Don’t miss out on these older pups because of their age, they are still very much puppies and will add as much happiness to your life as a young pup would, and at a reduced price. 

Our older pups mean just as much to us as our little ones, in fact at this age we have been loving and getting to know your soon to be pup even longer. Your deposit will count towards your total cost, all of our Labradors are normally sold on limited registration, rarely do we agree to full registration; however, on the rare occasion we do sell on full registration puppies will be $3500.    
Please note, we are required to charge sales tax  on all puppies picked up in Minnesota

We are not a pet store., PLEASE DO NOT put down a deposit before speaking to us.  We want the opportunity to share with you about the parents, about what we are seeing about each pup and we’d also like to give you the opportunity to ask us questions as well getting to know you.  We not only want you to be happy with your puppy and where he/she comes from, we also want to know in our hearts that we placed each pup with the perfect family.

Make sure to ask us about our “Salute to the Troops” discount.