…and they call it, puppy love.

Bo and Rocky Then…



The brothers

Kris and Kevin,
Bo and Rocky are doing great! They are loving all of the attention, play time and cuddling. They have figured out that my lap is the best place to snooze. Not sure for how long though…they are growing faster than weeds. Our neighbors golden retriever has become their best friend. They climb all over him and he just takes it all in stride.

Bo and Rocky Today!


Bo and Rocky

Kris & Kevin –
I just had to send you both a huge THANK YOU! One year ago today we brought Bo (Henry) & Rocky (Zeus) home. They bring so much happiness to our lives every single day!!!!!!



Bo and Rocky

Duece (and Ace)

yellow lab puppy

lab puppy in minnesota

Labrador friends
“Beautiful Dog! Deuce) has her daddy’s eyes and facial looks to a “T”! Her coloring is more and more like her momma’s….alot lighter. She is a beautiful dog from beautiful parents, we get alot of compliments on her! :)”

(Karleen wanted a puppy before Ace got too much older, she wanted him to teach her, to “raise” her…looks like that’s exactly what’s happening 🙂


British lab pup

“Duck” Hunter’s boy
British puppy in mn.

Yellow Lab
Hey Kris,   
…… A little about Duck. You have to take pride in your abilities to breed  a great dog.  Duck is very smart and is picking up things quick. He has had hardly any accidents and the one he has had was my fault because I lost track of time. He is great on the leash. and off the leash he knows his family so when we go to the dog park he never strays far. and comes on command. He and Mack have become the best of friends. they are like 2 brothers they share a bone together with out getting up set. they do have a bad habit of rough housing and then my furniture gets rearranged. We get up at 5 am . and I have to laugh that early no one is out and I live in a quiet neighbor hood so at times ill walk them with out a leash. Duck will do his buisness and run a head a little bit then run back trying to get mack to chase him.  He is only crated when no one is home so he doesnt see it a lot. he doenst sleep in it he has found he likes the end of my bed with Mack the best. He is a smart loyal great dog. Please if you need anything or would like me to write anything  I will. He gets neutered on the 15th and vet said he thought mack was a perfect bred dog he can not believe how lucky I ended up with 2 excellant quality of dog. he is estimating him to weigh about 90 pounds was that what you where thinking. Just a note I go to the dog park and people fall inlove they are like what kind of dog are they Im like labs and they are like no really I said no really this poor lady was but my lab doesnt look like that. I just told her that  her dog was pretty. but I got mine from the best aroud. Today should be intresting I rehired a dog walker for afternoon walks and today is the first day Ill let youknow how that goes. Duck and Mack are very protective of the house. We decided that when Duck is a year we will be living on a farmett we are planning getting in NC we might be adding to our brood So i know where to go. Even though My kids where making in fun of me and saying but mom dont you want a chocolate one…hahha.. nope Iknow where Im going when the time comes. Well Have a great day Ill send some more pics please use what ever ones you want.   talk soon Lynne


family raised labs

Yellow pup.
Yellow Labrador pups

Puppy checkin’ out the Partridge
Kevin and Kris,
I  want to tell you how great Beatrice is – she has a great nose, excellent retrieving, and a super personality. She is the best!


white lab in minnesota

Bisquit Girl!
Bisquit rehomed to Brett, Amber and Kam.   She’s livin the life…and she deserves to!  🙂

The “Piper” report.

British labs

Puppy Graduate
Labrador Retriever puppies

Fetch it up!
Hi Kris, Everything is going well. She can swim! Scott went out in the water and I threw the ball near him and she ran in and swam to get it and then brought it back to me on shore. It’s hard to get a good picture of her because she moves so fast!
~ Connie
Puppies in Northern Minnesota

Beautiful puppy1
Hi Kris,
 We made it to Florida with Piper!  The trip went amazingly well.  She adapted so easily.  The house here has a better layout because it is more open and most of the floors are tile.  She has been so good in the house here, she hasn’t chewed on anything and she’s only had a couple of accidents.  She is so good that she is allowed to have free roam of the house when we are home. Attached are some pictures, I will send you better ones – I just thought I’d send you a couple so you didn’t think I forgot.  It has been a little crazy here trying to get settled in with Piper so I am going to take some better pictures when things slow down a bit. She loves the golf cart rides!  She weighs 59 lbs! More later… Connie  

Dukey and Crocket

lab puppies for sale in Minnesota

Baby boys.
Lab breeders in mn.

Yellow male.



Hi Kris,
I thought I’d share this photo with you. It’s of “Gertie” (Jorja) and a
client of mine that has cerebral palsey. Lindsey absolutely loves Gertie
and as you can tell Gertie is very responsive. I’ve had a few people
recommend that I take Gertie to therapy dog training for nursing homes and
hospitals. Gertie is doing very good. She retrieves, sits, and about
80-90% potty trained. She goes to the door now when she needs to go out. I
take her to my farm to run in the fields 3-4x a week. We’re working on not
jumping and on leash training. She and her brother are together 5 days a
week. Scout is doing fabulous as well. They play SO hard when they are
together and then they’re exhausted come night time and head right for their
kennels. Hope you’re having a good fall. Opening deer soon!
Take care,
Jody Lessard


AKC Lab puppies

Hi Kevin and Kris, as you can see I am doing just great. I weigh 45 lbs. & I am going back to the Vet on 8-31-11 for more shots. Clifford and I get along pretty good, I wear him out. We both like golf cart rides.  Miss you,  Chester


British Labs in Mn.

Hey Kris and Kevin,

Scout (Banjo) saw Santa a couple weeks ago and thought you might want to see an updated picture of him. He is doing great, healthy, and is as calm as can be… He starts puppy school in January, so that should be interesting. He still comes to work with me and loves the office attention! He is growing so fast (Too fast L).. I took him pheasant hunting over Thanksgiving and a couple weeks ago. He did perfect! He got up four birds, and retrieved two without tearing into them. He loved it. He stayed within 20 feet of me the whole time and the gun shots did not bother him at all. A week after I had him, we went to the lake and he jumped off the dock (at 9 weeks old). I was completely amazed! He swam off into the middle of the lake, picked up a stick and swam back. I couldn’t believe he knew how to swim. Him and Gertie (my mom’s dog, Scout’s sister) are still the best of friends. They see each other every week day and they both get so excited to see each other, it’s hilarious. They both have such amazingly different personalities. I hope everything is well, it looks like you will be having a beautiful litter next month. Thanks again for creating such amazing pups.

Thank you,


AKC lab pups

New mama.
yellow lab puppies

Brother and sister.

Attached are pictures of Scout. The one of him and I in the grass was taken the weekend we picked them up. I am trying to take pictures every week because he grows so fast He is completely potty trained, no accidents have ever occurred in-doors. He sits, stays, lays down, and comes on command. He is my little buddy at work, everyone loves him. I get to take him to work 2 days a week and the other three days he plays with his sister. He follows me EVERYWHERE! It is so cute, everyone will comment how he follows me… I love it! He is a good little boy and the cutest thing! He sleeps all night, as well and plays with other dogs very well! I will make sure to keep you posted with pictures! Let me know if you want better ones of him and me. I also have attached pictures of me, Scout, and Gertie in case you would like those. Thanks again for everything, they are awesome!


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