Upcoming Puppies

 ******Upcoming Pups******

Rosemary and Blu Summer 2024 ( Ivory to light yellow )
Lemon and Blu late summer/early fall 2024 ( virtually white to ivory )

Meli’ and Blu Fall 2024 ( Ivory to light yellow )

Here at Beloved Labs we love each litter, each little pup and know them each individually before they become yours.  It’s not hard for us when it’s time for our pups to go to their new families because by the time they are 8 weeks old we feel like we know you too, so it’s exciting for us when you and your pup connect and start your new lives together.  If you choose to reserve a pup, pick choices must be picked by everyone at 6 weeks old. 


We are charging $55 for micro chipping your puppy with ISO AKC-Reunite Chips.  This price includes Beloved Labs registering your dog with the National database AKC-CAR  (American Kennel Club, Reunite).  You don’t need to do anything, we do it all.   This is a onetime fee unless you choose to re-home your lab at some point.   You can update your lab’s registration information at any time by visiting  https://www.akccar.org/cares-pub/ind/individualEnrollment.car, to purchase micro chipping please go to our purchasing page, click on the microchip link and pay via PayPal.

You are free to get your puppy micro chipped at your Vet’s office within 14 days of picking up your puppy, however; please note that if you cannot provide proof your puppy has been micro chipped your health warranty with us will be null and void.  

We are providing this service to you to promote the importance of lifetime identification for your lab as well as responsible pet ownership.  For more information please visit www.AKCCAR.org.

Payment Options

We accept reservation deposits on puppies due to be born – the order of choice follows the order in which reservation deposits are received for a specific color and sex.  Though we always do our best to provide enough healthy and outstanding puppies for everyone who has put down a deposit sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.   For that reason, placing a deposit  DOES NOT always quarantee a pup from a particular litter.   We will give you a choice of moving your deposit to a litter of equal quality and gender or we will happily refund your deposit.   That being said, all deposits and payments for any other reason are non-refundable. We ask for your understanding and patience as we are in the hands of God when it comes to the birth of our puppies.    

Please note that at any time if we feel a puppy will meet our high standard of breeding quality we have the option of keeping that puppy no matter who’s pick choice it may be.  At that time everyone on that list will move down one pick choice. 

Your deposit will count towards your total cost.  All of our Labradors are normally sold on limited registration, rarely do we agree to full registration; however, on the rare occasion we do sell on full registration puppies will be $3500.    Please note, we are required to charge sales tax  on all puppies picked up in Minnesota

We are not a pet store., PLEASE DO NOT put down a deposit before speaking to us.  We want the opportunity to share with you about the parents, about what we are expecting in the litter,  while giving you the opportunity to ask us questions as well.  We not only want you to be happy with your puppy and where he/she comes from, we also want to know in our hearts that we placed each pup with the perfect family.

Make sure to ask us about our “Salute to the Troops” discount .

Beloved Labs Agreement

Beloved Labs guarantees puppy’s “general health”  for 72 hours after shipment, pickup or delivery and up to 25 months of age against severe hip dysplasia/joint dysplasia that adversely affects the quality of life as a family pet.  Click here to see our complete Health Warranty

Kevin and Kris Olson | 218-242-4796 | 218-689-8275 | belovedlabs@gmail.com
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