Adults for sale

The adults we say goodbye to:
Because we are small breeders we can only keep so many dogs.  As hard as it is to say goodbye to them we know the best thing is to allow them to spend the next chapter of their lives as the one and only or the one of few in a loving home with a new family.  We also have adults we put up for rehoming because they may not have met our high breeding standard but are still wonderful labradors that will make awesome pets, personal gundogs, or therapy dogs. On ocassion we will rehome a pet that has been returned to us because the owner can no longer keep them.  In any of these cases, we offer you a family companion who will add love to your life. 

We will be rehoming a few of our females summer and winter of 2023, if you’re interested please contact me through email…

In your email please include the following info and anything else that will help us know if you might be a fit for a particular dog. When we rehome a dog that has been with us for 5 plus years, it’s especially crucial for us to know we have made the perfect match.   

1. Do you live in the city, suburb or the country?
2. Do you have other pets and if so what are they?
3. Do you have children at home and what are their ages?
4. What activities will our dog be part of, ie, hiking, swimming, etc.?
5. Do you understand she must be spayed within 1 to 2 months?
6. Are you financially able to care for her should health concerns arise?
7. Do you understand there are no guarantees for adult dogs?