Our Girls

Beloved Labs Bomb Diggity ( Retired )
OFA Prelims 
OFEL Prelims 
PRA-prcd Clear

Diggity has a that stocky and thick English look, a very nice blocky head for a female and she has a beautiful coat with golden hues throughout.  She is a Boaz and Aubrey girl, Aubrey is a dark red and because of that,  Diggity tends to throw darker than she appears she would.  She has her sire’s desire to retrieve, making Diggity a very well rounded English Labrador.  Her bloodlines include Keepsakes and Penara, both of which we love!

Longhorn’s Sleep With One Eye Open ( Justice)
75 lbs
OFA prelims Good
OFEL prelims Normal
EIC Clear
​CNM Clear
​PRA Clear
Complete Panal Clear
( more photos to come )

Longhorn’s Starry Night  ( Elle )
80 pounds
OFA Good
OFEL Normal
EIC Carrier
​CNM Clear
​PRA Clear
Complete Panal Clear

Beloved Labs LemonMade by Mia ( Lemon )
70 pounds
OFA Hips Good
OFEL  Normal
EIC  Carrier
CMN  Clear
PRA  Clear

Lemon is a true beauty, her parents are Honey and Boaz.  She looks so much like her sire,.  She’s muscular like he is and nice and blocky like both her parents.  She has a beautiful coat and we cannot wait to see what she will produce.  Honey is a sparky girl so she gets the best of both worlds, our Boaz line and our Sparky line.   Her bloodlines include Champions from Boradors, Dickendalls, Kellygreen, Endless Mountain and Chablias, her Great Grandsire is Chablias Magnum, Muliti BPISS, Canadian Champion,International Champion, American Champion Pointed.

Beloved Labs Nobody Knows ( Rose Mary ) 
OFA Hips (Prelims)
OFEL (Prelims)
Cnm Clear
EIC  Carrier
​PRA Clear

Rosemary is a pretty unique girl.  She is both independent and loves to hang with the crew.  She scopes everyone out like she’s going to decide if she likes you or not…but then loves everyone.  She’s one of our smaller females, weighing in around 65 pounds.  Her parents are Patch and Justice but she’s a bit more serious than Patch, our resident goofball.  Rosemary is allot like her mom, nurturing, quiet and lovable. 

Beloved Labs Melopita (Meli’)
A Patch and Honey girl 

Clearances pending

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