Health Warranty

Visitation and the Health and Well Being of our Pups:

We take great measures in making sure we keep our adults and our puppies as healthy as possible, because this is so important to us we have hard and fast rules set into place.  We ask that you please do not be offended, but instead be understanding.

* We ask for no puppy visits until our pups have had their first vaccination, exceptions may be made at our discretion.
* When a visit is planned to our Kennel we ask that you do not visit other kennels within 10 days of coming to our kennel.  Please respect our                 wishes.
* Before handling puppies we ask that you use the provided hand sanitizer.
* We keep the puppies here until they are 8 weeks old.  We are not overly eager to push them out the door at 6 weeks old, we want to do what is         best for the pup and we believe the transition goes much easier at 8 weeks old.    


Beloved Labs Health Contract:

Your new puppy will be virus free and in good health when you receive him or her, we offer a health guarantee for three business days from the date the puppy is received.  Parasites are a common problem in animals, especially young animals, and are easily treated; therefore these are excluded from this guarantee. When a puppy becomes stressed certain bacteria can show up and then you have a parasite, stress can include anything from a new environment, a long car ride, or being separated from siblings. Also, because they are “puppies”  they don’t care where they walk or what they put in their mouth and they can easily infest and reinfest themselves in the cleanest of places.  This is why we are proactive in every way and also ask you to be as well.  We take GREAT MEASURES to prevent parasites but please keep in mind these are animals and these things happen.   Often when a puppy has a parasite the breeder is instantly blamed, trust me when I tell you our facility is clean and disinfected daily, feces are picked up throughout the day, vaccinations, wormings and other preventive measures are given at appropriate times. We do not remove dew claws.

Your dog also has a guarantee that the hips and elbows will receive a grade of fair or above at 26 months of age from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  All of our adults have an OFA grade of Good or above and have been cleared from EIC.   Please feel confident that we have done everything we feel is necessary and beyond to produce healthy puppies.

Please read our Health Warranty/Buyer Contract in it’s entirety, making sure you understand it completely before agreeing to purchase a puppy. call us with any questions.  To see our Health Warranty/Buyer Contract in full please click here

We do realize that sometimes things happen and just may not be able to keep your puppy.  we will always welcome him or her back home here at Beloved Labs with no questions asked.  Although we are always more than happy to assist you with advice after you purchase a new puppy from us, please be advised that puppies are a commitment and they take time and patience.   THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENT PUPPIES  because you had a change of heart or because your pup hasn’t been trained properly.  With that in mind we ask that you PLEASE be assured you are ready to embark on a 12-15 year commitment of being a dog owner before you purchase a puppy from us    

Our niece Morgan teaching a pup how to swim.

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