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Beloved Labs Sparky Two. ( Retired )


White British Lab

Ivory, full English Lab, Sparky
Do you see this big boy?   He’s not a show dog so we don’t have show dog photos; however Spark’s pedigree is very impressive with Champions from Boradors, Dickendalls, Kellygreen, Endless Mountain and more!   We have “Sparky” photos…what you see is what you get with this guy, he was a beautiful pup and now he’s a gorgeous adult.  Sparky has a lovely conformation and beautiful angles from every side.  His coat is striking, white with beautiful yellow hues.  He carries many of the English attributes; his head is large and very blocky as is his whole body.   He’s a striking Lab, but more importantly he is an outstanding companion!  He is very obedient and compliant to our commands.  He’s eager to please his people.   I’ve never known a Lab to be as easy going and lovable as this guy, he’s a big teddy bear in a Labrador suit, friendly, sweet, and serene doesn’t come close to describing our beautiful boy.  He’s a perfect combination of goof ball and old soul and we have no reason to believe he won’t pass his demeanor down to his pups. 
EIC Clear
CNM Clear
​PRA-prcd Carrier

DNA #V686421

Edlen House Chak-Chak


Chaka comes to us straight from Edlen House in Russia.  He arrived as a young pup and we are just as head over heels in love with him now as we were then.  His Sire is GRAND CH, CH RUS, CLUB, JCH RUS, JCH CLUB Chablais Buffalo Bills  and is full of champions from Chablais and has a very impressive with bloodlines from Boradors, Dickendalls and more.  He is the most lovable beast you’ll ever meet, such a goofball and LOVES his people!  Chaka will pass down his beautiful, stocky and blocky English build as well as his very English demeanor. 
OFA Hips (prelims) Good
OFA Elbows (prelims) Normal
DD Clear
EIC Clear
CNM Clear
PRA-prcd Clear

Pedigree coming

Almaznaya Rossup Masters ( Patch )


Patch comes to us from Kazakhstan, imported from an ethical breeder who only breeds the most beautiful blocky English labs wthat carry that calm demeanor we all love.  Patch has outstanding bloodlines with Grand Champions and also has one of my favorite lines from ​CH Devonshires Limited Edition.  Patch is a goofball and we couldn’t love him more, he produces very blocky pups with large muzzles. 
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
DD Clear
EIC Clear
CNM Clear
PRA-prcd Clear
HNPk Clear

Beloved Labs Blu Ompqua  ( Blu) 

Blu is just the best boy.  He has the most endearing personality and not a care in the world.  He does not respect our personal space, and will sit as close to us as possible with his paw on our knee and head tilted and will  not move until we love on him or throw a toy for him.  He is so gentle with the pups, his play is almost in slow motion, as if he truely knows he can’t play rough or the babiies will get hurt.  He honestly owns Kevin….there is nothing he does that Kevin doesn’t think is the smartest or the cutest.   We are so happy he is part of  our breeding program but also a member of our family.  Blu is the grandson to our Boaz and has that same strong bone  and desire to retrieve.

OFA Hip Fair
OFA Elbow Good
CNM clear
EIC clear
​PRA-prcd carrier

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