Our Labrador Story
(in a nutshell)

One day, sitting around talking I mentioned how much I would like to quit my job at the hospital and do something at home, Kevin told me if were to ever come up with an idea he was all for it.  That same day we sat in prayer together asking God to show us His plan and to help us to really LISTEN to what that plan was.  Later that same afternoon a fellow breeder and friend put us in touch with a couple who were retiring from breeding labs.  A few days after that we met this warm couple who helped us to pick out our new Labrador family.  We bought 1 stud and 7 females and Kevin had 2 weeks to get a kennel building up.  As I write this I know how crazy it all sounds.  That first night we didn’t get them home until dark and they were scared, we put them in their kennels and as we lay in bed listening to them bark all night long, we thought “what in the world did we just get ourselves into?”  None of these dogs had health clearancing and they acted like they had never been out of their kennels, they didn’t even know how to play with toys and the pond was foreign to them.  It came as a delightful surprise to us how quickly we bonded with them.  It was like teaching puppies they didn’t need to be scared and it was okay to play and swim and chew toys.  We fell in love with all of them and honestly believe they had never been happier…in our minds they were reborn here.    We have sinced retired and re-homed many of those labs, we have brought in and also whelped our own English Labradors to better our bloodlines and improve our breeding program.  I share this story so I can share what happens when we trust God. We say this is God’s business and He just chose us to run it for Him, because that is how we really feel.  We give God all the glory not only for each pup born and each family found but for the way He has guided us in business and  melded Beloved Labs into a ministry of sorts.  We meet people from all over the country and a few from other countries, we have an opportunity to show God’s love and grace through each conversation we have and each puppy we sell or donate.  Sometimes we run across someone we just cannot make happy and there have been times we’ve been lied about and blamed for things out of our control, I can only hope we react and respond the way the Lord would want us to…with grace and love.  

That Is our “how we began” story…nutshell version….if you’re interested in our whole story please ask us…we love to share it 🙂


Kevin and Kris

AKC Labrador Breeders

We take great care of our Labradors and as each litter is born and each year passes we become more and more experienced.  We are also well read on the lab breed; we stay in close contact with our vets and we have lived through many difficult situations with our Labradors. When a question arises that we cannot answer, we are on the phone asking the right people the right questions to make sure we get the correct answers.  We then make very level headed decisions  concerning our Labs, using a balanced mixture of common sense, experience and professional advice.  You can be assured that Kevin and I ALWAYS do what we feel is best for our labs at every turn.  You’d be surprised the situations that come about and suddenly we’re faced with yet another learning experience.  We have run into almost everything as Lab Breeders, I say “almost” because as sure as I type this, something else will present itself!

We really want to offer quality AKC Labradors, better and better as the years go by, this isn’t achieved overnight but be assured it’s something we are striving for. I don’t believe the Labrador Retriever standard can be bettered because it’s pretty perfect as is but I do believe we can better our bloodlines.  Ultimately, we love the English Labrador and when we made the decision to breed and raise them we promised one another we would never become so big we’d need to hire staff.  The truth is, we have a lot of fun running Beloved Labs together, and I think even we are amazed at how our lives have been enhanced since we began this venture.

White and Yellow Labrador Puppies

Kevin with litters of yellow lab puppies

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Our desire is that you would contact us by phone or email before making a deposit online.  We want to make sure you understand our process, not to mention it just makes transactions go smoother.  We want to get to know you a bit and it gives us an opportunity to tell you a little bit about our puppies and their parents  We really do love all of our dogs and their puppies, it’s important to us that not only are you happy with the puppy you’ve purchased, but that also our puppy has found a forever, loving home with you when they leave us. 

If we don’t answer the phone or a text please leave a message and we will call you back within the next 24 hours.  If we don’t call back please assume we didn’t get the message and try again.

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